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Coast Live Oak offers classes for all ages, year round in Orange County, California and surrounding counties.

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Private Family Ancestral Skills Camp Out

In this overnight camp out your whole family will work together to meet the basic common human needs of shelter, water, fire, and food using only the resources and tools that nature provides. Your family will learn to work together and use the strengths of every member of the family. More importantly, you will learn to meet your needs in a way that regenerates the resources rather than depletes them. We will practice many of the skills that the indigenous people of California perfected over thousands of years.

The whole family will address challenges together with practical hands-on techniques and simple, ancient tools.
Among many challenges, we’ll work together to build several different kinds of shelter, start our fire using a hand drill or bow drill, learn plants you can use for tools, food, and firewood, and cook our dinner and dessert over the open fire.

All ages welcome.

This Private Ancestral Skills Family Camp Out is just for your family, maximum 8 people
(We request that parents help to supervise their children during this campout)

Saturday to Sunday
12noon Saturday to 12noon Sunday
Location: Local Campground, to be determined by you and Mark
Taught by Mark Hay
Price $120 per person (no charge for age 3 and under)
Includes dinner, breakfast, campsite, and all instruction.

Mark will customize this camp out to your and your family’s experience and knowledge.
A basic comfort in the outdoors and an eagerness to learn are all that is required.
If you would like a more challenging experience that is also possible.

Contact Mark Hay at mnhay2000@yahoo.com if you have questions or want to book a camp out.
This campout will provide you and your family practical skills for enjoying and understanding our local ecosystems more fully. Everyone will build shelters together, trek for water, tools and food, then assist in making fire making tools and building the fire. We will cook our dinner directly on the fire using no pots, pans, or grills.
In the morning, we’ll cook breakfast, practice tracking and awareness skills, practice making tools, and look for edible plants.
We will walk a maximum of 2 miles over the whole weekend.

We will be practicing the following skills:
-Making shelter using abundant natural materials
-Finding water by observing plants and animals
-Making fire making tools out of common plants, without using metal knives or other modern tools
-Learning how to harvest firewood without modern tools and increase the vitality of the tree at the same time
-Making simple but effective hunting tools without metal knives or other modern tools
-Identifying poisonous plants
-Cooking over open coals without pots and pans
-Observing and understanding the movements of birds and animals

You will have access to your car during the camp out.
You and your family will have your choice of sleeping in a variety of different shelters: a leaf pile, a sleeping bag on the ground, a self made shelter with found materials, a regular tent, or any creative structure you can devise!
Everyone will help each other assemble shelters.

All our cooking will be done directly on hot coals using clay, stone, wood, or bone tools... don't worry, this is how people have been cooking since 100,000 B.C.!


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